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The traditional Food enthusiasts had few concerns and came forward to address the same in the shape of CPRTTF. Traditional foods, which had been a part of our heritage, traditions and culture had been losing its significance and role. Even in countries like India which is a vast treasure of variety, flavours, spices and recipes and a robust traditional medicinal & health system mainly based on food, the research on traditional foods has not been compiled and collated in the manner which can be assessable to every consumer.

With the globalization of Indian food, the concerns of safety and wholesomeness of food are to be addressed. In the few decades, as a result of globalization, a lot of Indians have travelled to different parts of the world, and wish to keep connected to Great Indian Civilisation through traditional foods habits. Living in these places also, some exchanges with local cuisine have resulted in the changes in the taste and process of preparations as per the availability of raw material and convenience of place. Innovations in traditional foods are required so that benefits and usefulness of these sustainable traditional systems can be adapted, adopted and shared.

There is a need for standardization which is possible through research in the field of traditional foods. Research in the Traditional Food Science and Technology is clustered into several areas. We need programs in preservation, packaging, sensory and consumer science, microbiology, safety and other technology related fields. Rapid dissemination of significant novel and high impact research in traditional food science, technology, engineering and nutrition is also needed. Food safety concerns needs to be addressed along with maintaining sustainable food and nutritional security.


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